Saturday, October 28, 2006

you probably think i'm crazy

in my effort to be sophisticated and have 2 blogs (because 2 blogs is obviously better than 1), i have managed to completely confuse myself. initially only wanting a photo blog, i started color and texture when in india last year. but after returning home, i realized that i wanted another blog to write all manner of random things that quite simply, tickle my fancy for various reasons. thus, bits & pieces was born. but then i discovered that therein lies much crossover and so i started posting photo/random stories on each blog lest the reader miss something (i.e. my birthday cake posting which contained both photos of MA's amazing food, my mother's delicious cake and my narrative).

i'm going to do my best to keep them separate, so you just have to promise me that you (my trusted reader) will endeavor to visit both sites if you so choose. i, in turn, will promise to keep you entertained, or at least i shall try mightily. finally, i hereby declare that this shall be the last double posting in the hopes that you will cease asking yourself, "didn't i read this already?"


cheesegrater said...

I'm glad you cleared this up. I was starting to get all discombobulated.

sarah mac said...
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