Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the delta...

cob and i embarked on a brief afternoon exploration by car of the delta while visiting friends and family in the central valley after one of my doctor's appointments. at jim's behest, we ventured out to ryde and locke, towns that nestle up precariously on the levee of the delta's many water ways, about 40 minutes northwest from downtown stockton.

while tiny downtown locke hasn't changed much in the last 90 years or so, some of the original buildings that were erected in 1912 by chinese immigrants are still standing today, although most have been converted into art galleries and curio shops.

one of three original buildings, now a chinese restaurant, it was once the locke saloon

the building designs harken back to the times of wooden plank boardwalks and shuddered facades to keep the sweltering delta heat at bay. while most of the buildings have been given temporary facelifts via recently applied coats of paint, many of them sway and lean somewhat dangerously with age.

i couldn't help but be mesmerized by the feel of california history evident in this tiny cross-section of the delta. i laughed to myself remembering that my 4th grade visit to old town sacramento was not nearly as compelling as my crush on jay epenbach who i openly flirted with through every musty, historical exhibit we visited.

on our way home, we met some goats. you can imagine how happy this made me.


katedaniels said...

I am ditto-ing your last comment to me...it is painful how beautiful your pictures are. I love what you do on this blog. We have to encourage WIP writers to do pieces like these...Gorgeous.

coryandfarah said...

Hello there. I recently went to Locke and posted some pics of my quick trip on my blog here, and I thought that I would see who else has been to Locke in the blog community... It's interesting to see your perspective on Locke and the fact that we both photographed the same dog! :) I like your blog and your photos. I'll be back again later for more...