Saturday, December 23, 2006

the bell ringer...

mr. chuck poland has been ringing the bell for the salvation army for 21 years at his yearly post in front of long's in the crossroads shopping center in carmel. he had officially retired after last year's holiday season to focus on caring for his ailing wife of 60 plus years, but returned because as he says, "there are just so many needy folks out there...they need me this time of year and i couldn't stay away".

for an older gentleman who occasionally stumbles in his cowboy boots and kicked the official bell across the pavement rather than bend to pick it up, chuck is still a firecracker and has something to say to everyone. chuck is so effective at getting people in the giving mood that his payloads are legendary. we donated a children's book about farm animals because of the goat on the front and chuck repaid the kindness with a kiss on my cheek.

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