Monday, January 22, 2007

india 2005 retrospective

i decided today that i'm going to treat everyone to an India Retrospective for the following reasons:

1) i have a huge cache of photos from my month long trip to india in 2005 that have not been seen by anyone but me despite the large volume i posted last year while i was there

2) i always felt so rushed when posting (because the internet connection was always borrowed at tarun khiwal's studio and i didn't want to be ungracious) and included only a fraction of the good stuff

3) because i can

so enjoy the photos that i'll be posting until i feel that i'm done. they may or may not appear in order, include some commentary, or have been posted previously on this blog. this time i'm not concerning myself with such details. instead, i'll be posting the photos that speak the most to me and reflect the complex nature of the country, its people and raw beauty.

next stop, northern india....

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