Sunday, September 16, 2007

a moment of silence...

the griffith park pool is officially closed. today when the lifeguard cooed, "thanks - see you next summer!" from his watchtower perch, i seriously felt like crying.

we learned a lot about public bathing this summer:
• the public pool is a cross-section of your community - griffith park attracts latino families, eastern european seniors who float about aquacizing and talking, cops who like to tan, hungover/pale/anemic hipsters in vintage bathing suits, a few semi-professional (or at least very serious) synchronized swimmers, semi-serious lap swimmers and people without air conditioning

• eating is only allowed on the adjacent lawn area, even if it's only trail mix

• there is no dilly-dallying around the edge of the pool - if you take too long getting into the water, you will get yelled at

• pictures are not allowed due to problems with pedophiles

• occasionally someone has "an accident" in the pool and everyone has to go home early

• at $1.25 for adults and free for persons with disabilities or a library card, the pool is, by far, the best deal in town

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