Saturday, November 10, 2007

one from the archives...

southpark, san diego
aug 4

postscript: the funny thing about this particular day is that meg and i descended upon a music festival in southpark that we thought would be a fun change of pace - and lo and behold, many a family with small children was present. there was a whole lotta funky white multi-generational groovin' happening on the lawn in front of the stage while the very loaded singer of one local blues band belted out "i just wanna make looooooove to youuuuuuuuu..." we would have been hard pressed to find a stranger scene. the evening proved even more serendipidous as we attended south bark's (home of the canine blueberry facial) double feature movie night (Lost Boys and Licensed to Drive) where we even enjoyed complimentary boar's head hot dogs. south park is nothing short of amazing.

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